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The Sea

The call of the lonely sea echoes Deep down at soul level; primal Sounds reverberate through time Endless rhythms flow, a Universal song Never silent Just listen Hear the Truth Today is national poetry day; the theme is water… Advertisements

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It was a warm September day and The sun was shining as we picked Berries in the woods; swallows Circled and lapwings rose In a cloud as we Sat by the pond; Dragonflies Brought us Joy

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Late Summer…

Hot humidity hangs heavily In the air as nights draw in & The days are ripening. The Seasons’ wheel is turning Quickly. Leaves will fall Soon but first the Swallows will Have to Leave

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Wind whispers through rushes and reeds while Moorhen chicks bob in and out of Lily pads and a dog jumps In for a paddle. Clouds Gather; soon rain will Fall when swallows Glide and swoop Through steel Sky

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Roots Reach down From the soles Of my feet; deep Down into mother Earth’s nurturing bosom While my arms reach up for the Moon and stars; this is what is real; Living in tune with nature’s heartbeat ♡

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The wine is cool, welcome & pleasant I savour this moment outside Watching birds and listening To the wind chimes tinkle. The sun is warm and Even barking Dogs don’t spoil This deep Peace

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Torrential rain tumbles down today Accompanied by the rattle And crash of the recycling Wagon, while sodden prayer Flags sway to and fro Rather sadly; We dream of Summer Sun <3

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