Northern lights
Display their magical aura
Weaving aqua pink colours through
Celestial sky
As stars and meteors



About Ali Brown

I am a counsellor, supervisor, meditation teacher and reiki therapist. I also love writing, cooking, baking, cats, nature and many more things...
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6 Responses to Aurora

  1. anumshafique says:

    Beautiful imagery painted through your words! :D

  2. Michael56j says:

    Well captured. Brings back memories.

    • Ali Brown says:

      Thank you – I’d love to go to Iceland sometime, to really get the full experience of the northern lights…

      • Michael56j says:

        So would I. I saw the glow when we lived in the North of Scotland, but that was the closest we ever got. See you in Iceland, then ;)

      • Ali Brown says:

        Yes, at the moment even a trip to Scotland is out of the question, financially, but it’s nice to dream! I’m very grateful to have been able to see the northern lights a few times now from the north of England :)

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