Hustle bustle
At the market
A moment of stillness
As sunshine breaks through


About Ali Brown

I am a counsellor, supervisor, meditation teacher and reiki therapist. I also love writing, cooking, baking, cats, nature and many more things...
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2 Responses to Market

  1. mark says:

    Hi, the other day when I was saying thank you for your “Rain” and “Magpie” poems I had no idea that you yourself lived in the Newcastle area. It wasn’t until yesterday when I typed in a wordpress search for “Tynemouth”, because I had just written a poem about Tynemouth, that I found your Market poem, which I can picture perfectly because I know the exact market you mean. Beautiful synchronicity. This is my Tynemouth poem
    p.s. could you send some Magpies to Inverness

    • Ali Brown says:

      I love moments of synchronicity like this! It really is a small world! That is a lovely poem you’ve written about Tynemouth – I went past tynemouth beach twice on the metro today! I used to live in a flat in whitley bay that looked straight out onto the sea…
      And yes, I’m sure we could send a few magpies up to you – there seems to be a lot more now than there used to be!

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