Ashes to Ashes?

Jars of ashes
Representing your
Multiple personalities
Maybe it’s time to
Let go now and
Set us both


About Ali Brown

I am a counsellor, supervisor, meditation teacher and reiki therapist. I also love writing, cooking, baking, cats, nature and many more things...
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6 Responses to Ashes to Ashes?

  1. Andy says:

    A departure from your usual style?

    • Ali Brown says:

      Hmm, it is different, isn’t it… I just had a moment of insight so wrote it down… Maybe it doesn’t belong here, but it was written with awareness, so maybe it can still be classed as ‘mindful writing’ …
      I suppose in the writings I usually post here it is observations of what is happening outside of me, whereas this is more of an emotional thing…

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